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Need to transition your database to the cloud and set up a remote system? Outgrowing spreadsheets that manage your business? Need a better invoicing system, or an efficient way to track customers and vendors? Our expert MS Access consultants have years of experience building and converting custom MS Access database business solutions with all versions of Access. We help our clients with process and requirements definition, database design and implementation, systems integration, migration, reporting, deployment and troubleshooting.

If data drives your business, Simetra Systems can help you manage your data more efficiently and help your business grow. Simetra Systems is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Microsoft’s highest level of partner distinction.

Our Programmers have developed hundreds of MS Access applications from simple mailing lists to complex inventory tracking and accounting systems all tailored to the way our clients do business. Based in Southern California, our expert team can work on location or remotely anywhere in the USA. Client’s industries include Manufacturing, Automotive, Entertainment, Financial Services, Investment Management, Health Care, Legal, Real Estate and Non-Profit. We specialize in designing databases that minimize data redundancy, reduce transaction sizes, and are easy to test and maintain.

Our services include:

    • MS Access Database Development
    • MS Access Integration
    • MS Access Report Writing
    • MS Access Database Upgrades
    • MS Access Database Maintenance
    • MS Access Problem Solving
    • MS Access Data Online
System Integration
Eliminate double entry by linking data between systems. Our Programmers can integrate MS Access with other systems in your company like SQL Server and Dynamics or Quickbooks, or other applications with limited capability or functional limitations. We can design Access Databases and reports that pull data from all of your systems so you can perform the analysis you need to help your business thrive.
MS Access Upgrades

Business is growing and your Access database has slowed down? The Simetra team has years of experience building, converting, and upgrading custom MS Access database business solutions. We can upgrade any legacy version from MS Access 95 to the current version of MS Access.

Do you have an idea for a new report, form or formula you would like to have created in your existing Access database? Would you like to have a menu item or formula removed? Our Expert Access Programmers can quickly do that for you.

Has your business has expanded beyond the functionality of MS Access and are you looking for a more formable solution? We can upgrade your Access database to use .NET or Microsoft SQL Server to increase performance and functionality.

Our expertise with database optimization will help you get the most out of your database applications, reduce staff frustrations, improve application use and help with future growth. Clients tell us they value the stability and varied industry experience of our US based team.

MS Access Database Repair & Maintenance

Having problems with an existing Microsoft Access database? Does it crash or lock up? Many factors could be contributing to its subpar performance - lack of storage, incorrect settings, customizations or inappropriately configured indexes are just some of the potential causes. Our team of consultants can diagnose and resolve corruption errors or unexpected behaviors, often within the same day. Our expert team can work on location or remotely anywhere in the USA.

Need a new report or form created in your existing Access database? If your Access Database needs a formula or report modified or removed, our Expert Access Programmers can do that quickly and efficiently.

MAC Cosmetics
MAC Cosmetics, stylized as M·A·C, part of Estée Lauder Companies, tasked Simetra with modifying and improving their existing Microsoft Access database, specifically the tracking of their make-up artist’s certifications. Simetra Systems MS Access experts made a thorough assessment of their current system and were able to revise their Skill Certification reports across all ten regional databases in cost effective and timely manner. We optimized their main form and revamped layout formats and report parameters to calculate correct dates for their make-up artists Certifications. Simetra devised a cost-effective solution and designed a system that is easy to maintain and update.
Morgan Picks Phase I

Morgan Picks LLC is a real estate investment firm specializing in distressed properties. They were using Microsoft Excel to manage their Purchase, Eviction, and Rehab to Sale processes. After 2 years of growth, with 85 active properties and 400 properties in their portfolio, the Company outgrew the spreadsheet solution. Only one person could update any of the 6 spreadsheets at any one time. This became a major roadblock. In addition, the data in this format could not provide metrics reporting.

Simetra developed a SQL database and Microsoft Access Solution to manage their Purchase, Eviction, Rehab, Listing, Escrow, and Sale processes. Simetra used SQL Server to build the database and tables for the system. The data was imported from the spreadsheet system at final installation. The new system enables multiple users to access and query the portfolio at any point in time during the process and have the data delivered to them via Excel for analysis. In addition, Simetra used the Quickbooks SDK to link QuickBooks data with the Access database, allowing them to update each property's Financial data directly. Click for details

Morgan Picks Phase II
Morgan Picks, a real estate investment firm, successfully implemented a custom SQL and Microsoft Access database developed by Simetra. As Morgan Picks expanded their use, project managers experienced connectivity interruptions on some property sites. Our team developed a separate database and interface to allow for database input while a user is offline. A standalone rehab application allows the offline users to add property scope’s while on the property site. Using MS SQL Merge Replication subscriptions of Phase I database were created and published to each property manager’s mobile device. Each mobile device had a subset of the active database allowing for database input while offline. Once internet connection is reestablished, offline changes can synchronize with Active Database as required. We take a team approach. Our Simetra experts check that the data has been synched weekly by user and ensure the active database is current and stable. Click for details
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