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Our Client needed a way to save time in producing complex royalty calculations based on Television industry data. The calculation required the amalgamation of millions of rows of TV program air time data in both the US and various international countries.


Simetra developed a SQL Data warehouse that consumes data from two sources:

    • Daily feeds in the form of zip files from a TV program air time service via ftp.
    • Rate and producer information from an internal application written in Microsoft Access.

Simetra used SQL Server 2016 to build the database and tables for the system. SQL Server Integration Service packages were developed for the ETL process that talks to the subscription ftp server and downloads the daily feed. The data is aggregated and mapped to specific data from the internal application. Our client has access to this data for analysis via Excel Power Pivot.

Cost Savings:

The customer is saving months of work per year related to setting up yearly calculation ratios and fee structures for each of their operating companies.

Technologies Used:

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2016
    • Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools
    • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
    • Microsoft Access 2016
    • Microsoft Excel 2016 with Power Pivot

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