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When the Company was small with only a handful of properties, Excel was a sufficient solution to manage Purchase, Eviction, Rehab to Sale. After 2 years of growth and 150 Active properties, 900 properties in their portfolio, the Company outgrew the spreadsheet solution. Only one person could update any of the 6 spreadsheets at any one time. This became a major road block. In addition to not being able to provide metrics.


Simetra developed a SQL database and Access Solution, to Purchase, Evict, Rehab, List, Escrow and Sell the property.

Simetra used SQL Server 2014 to build the database and tables for the system. The data was imported from the spreadsheet system at final installation. At any point in time different users can query the portfolio deliver for analysis via Excel.

Additionally, the Quickbooks SDK was used to update each property's Financial data. On any day management can review up to date Property financial status.

Cost Savings:

The customer is saving hours of work per day, without having to enter multiple spreadsheet duplicative data. The system cuts down on Errors and missing data by providing user ticklers. The system offers a wide variety of Report Metrics for management. At any point in time, Management can review the Active portfolio position.

Technologies Used:

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2014
    • Microsoft Access 2016
    • Quickbooks SDK

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