Case Study | Affiliate Group of CHLA //

A non-profit affiliate group of CHLA was using an antiquated database to manage its 10,000 donor contacts. The system and data were accessible via local computer only with no web interface. Simetra’s experts designed a custom solution maximizing the benefits of an MS Access system, simplifying organizational processes and reports. Our team maintained the integrity of legacy data during migration and designed custom solutions to reduce future data entry errors. Moving this organization to a cloud-based system with secure automatic back-up and multi-user access improved the organization’s database security and stability.


The organization had outgrown an aging and outdated single-user, on-premise database system that was at the end of its maintenance life. It was critical to move data to a modern reliable system without disruption.


Simetra created a customized MS Access system interface using a Microsoft SQL server backend. Our team created a cloud-based system allowing for multi-user access with secure automatic backup. We worked with the organization to create custom categories of contacts, improving usability and data quality. Complete data was migrated successfully maintaining integrity and accuracy of historical data. The new system enables reports and data to be delivered via MS Excel, MS Word or PDF.

Cost Savings:

The organization achieved measurable gains in efficiency, accuracy and usability, while improving database security and stability.

Technologies Used:

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
    • Microsoft Access
    • Microsoft Excel

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